Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wasn't he servile enough for you?

With the UN's reputation pretty much in tatters vis-a-vis the oil-for-food scandal, James Bone has every right to ask questions about Kofi Annan's son. Mr Annan should either answer the question, offer a 'no comment', or, if he is so indignant, sue the reporter. The one thing he should not do is call the reporter an overgrown schoolboy.

BTW, looking at how the sons of politicians invariably turn out to have reached their station in life via pater's influence, Plato's model, while a bit extreme, seems more attractive than ever:
The guardians (i.e. the rulers) will have no wives. Their communism is to be of women as well as of goods. They are to be freed not only from the egoism of self, but from the egoism of family; they are not to be narrowed to the anxious acquisitiveness of the prodded husband; they are to be devoted not to a woman but to the community. Even their children shall not be specifically or distinguishably theirs; all children of guardians shall be taken from their mothers at birth and brought up in common; their particular parentage will be lost in the scuffle.