Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015

The report Sergey Glazyev prepared for the Russian Security Council (it's leaked text and purportedly contains deliberate injections of falsehoods, so take it with a pinch of salt). Expands on the interview I had mentioned earlier. Serious brain food. I have a good mind to put together the tables in Appendix 5 for India.

A pity the content at The Saker has become more and more diluted, with original analysis by Saker in what, one out of every twenty posts. Makes one miss out on stuff like the 'War on Syria: Not According to Plan' series by Ghassan Kadi. Mandatory reading for anyone who wants to go beyond the usual lame analysis (he could have avoided the use of 'NWO'  to talk about the post-1991 period, and also gone easier on the pro-Assad bits, but good stuff nonetheless).