Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pay attention to the other hand

At first glance, the central government's raking up of the Telengana issue seems to be an act of monumental stupidity: what was the need for the resolution, when a simple face-saving promise to set up a commission to study the issue in detail (and bury it quietly) would have sufficed? Three things:
  1. Food prices are up by about 20%

  2. Uncomfortable questions are being raised about how the intelligence agencies have dropped the ball on the David Headley affair

  3. The 123 nuclear deal is close to fruition, with the government, going by past form, likely to give the American negotiators what they want.
Can you say 'diversion'?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Xymphora, referring to the Climategate emails:
You really have to be illiterate, retarded, or paid off by Exxon to see even the slightest evidence in any of the emails of the slightest wrongdoing.
I'm not illiterate or retarded, and last time I checked, there sure weren't any credits to my bank account from Exxon. Yet, considering just one fact -- the attempted circumventing of the FOI regulations by the scientists, yes, you bet your ass I see evidence of wrongdoing. Why is so much hatred and venom being heaped on anyone who is skeptical about man-made climate change?