Sunday, December 25, 2005

How to touch Reader's Digest for Rs 150

  1. Start with a common saying or idiom, say, "quitting when ahead".

  2. Modify this slightly so that it is still grammatically correct, but has an altogether different meaning. Example: "quitting when a head".

  3. Think up a contrived, patently unfunny story that has the above phrase as the punch line:
    Finally, after six girls, Luke's wife had a boy. But he had only a head - nothing else. Luke didn't care, though. He was just happy to have a boy.

    On the kid's 21st birthday, Luke took him to a bar. "A shot of your best Scotch," he ordered.

    The boy drank it, and - POOF - he grew a neck. Amazed, Luke then ordered another and - POP - a torso sprouted. "Keep 'em coming!" Luke shouted. Eventually, the boy had a whole body. Everyone cheered.

    Tipsy, the boy stood on his new legs and stumbled to the left ... to the right ... out by the front door and into the path of a truck.

    The bar fell silent.

    "He should've stopped drinking," the bartender said, "while he was a head."

  4. Submit this story as a contribution to Laughter the Best Medicine

  5. Wait patiently for the Rs 150 cheque