Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13, 2012

It may be possible to test whether we're living in a simulation.

An earlier article that says there may be a 20% chance that we do.

Via Rigorous Intuition, a mind-blowing argument.

Let's see:
  1. This explains the Big Bang. Things started when the simulator program was kicked off.
  2. Things are discrete in the quantum world because the simulation is, by nature, discrete -- whether it's event-driven or time-stepped.
  3. Non-local connections are explained as well -- the 'master controller' is the CPU running the simulation, and it has access to (and is able to maintain) all the simulation objects and their dependencies, irrespective of where they are in the simulated world.
  4. The usual paradoxes like wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, and so on are explained by the analogy of mathematical formulas and 'lazy initialization'.
  5. Karma and synchronicity? Global state/memory/logic in the simulator program.
  6. God is the entity running the simulation.
Of course, this still doesn't explain things like ultimate cause (is our God also a simulated entity? How many levels does this go?).

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