Monday, March 07, 2011

Lawyers protest against examination

From The Hindu:
Hundreds of train commuters on the Tambaram-Chennai Beach section were stranded on Sunday for over an hour as lawyers squatted on train tracks between St. Thomas Mount and Guindy Railway Stations... The agitators, who had come to the city from various parts of the state ahead of the All India Bar Examination, were protesting against it.

The nation-wide open-book objective-type qualifying test was held in English and several regional languages across the country.


Soon after the examination began, disgruntled candidates stormed out of the exam venue, assembled on the railway tracks and roads outside.


[The president of the Tamil Nadu Advocates Association] said that a test of this nature would expose the lack of knowledge of students from local law colleges when compared to those from schools of excellence.
Why am I not surprised? The so called local law colleges breed some of the most politicized and virulent forms of Collegius studentus in the city, specimens whose actions would make the Bus Day celebrators seem like five year old schoolgirls. Getting a strong grounding in law is the last thing on their minds, and expecting them to clear the exam is probably a bit too much. Here's what happened: they enrolled for the exam, paid the fees, and so on, and turned up at the exam center, and a cursory look at the question paper (I'm not even going to comment on the fact that it was a frigging open-book exam) was all it took to convince them that the money paid for the exam would have been better spent on, I don't know, booze and movie tickets.