Sunday, April 25, 2010

Must read for Farmville affcionados

Well, 'afficionado' doesn't really reflect my opinion of those who play this game, but anyway, this article is a must read. A choice passage:
My mother began playing Farmville last fall, because her friend asked her to join and become her in-game neighbor. In Farmville, neighbors send you gifts, help tend your farm, post bonuses to their Facebook pages, and allow you to earn larger plots of land. Without at least eight in-game neighbors, in fact, it is almost impossible to advance in Farmville without spending real money. This frustrating reality led my mother—who was now obligated to play because of her friend—to convince my father, two of her sisters, my fiancĂ©e and (much to my dismay) myself to join Farmville. Soon, we were all scheduling our days around harvesting, sending each other gifts of trees and elephants, and posting ribbons on our Facebook walls. And we were convincing our own friends to join Farmville, too. Good times.
Another worthwhile quote, this from an RI forum post:
Here are some recent FB updates from my circle of friends:
"Big Ben to the Raiders? I think you need a little more than just a sexual harrassment claim for your steet cred before acceptance here, beyotch."

"So the President just gave an intro to American Idol where he said to the contestants: "You're all my dogs!". 2010 rules sometimes."

"Farmville neighbors - I need 3 eggs, 1 blanket, and 5 bottles. Thank you very much."
Bliss really is unaware...
Enough said.