Wednesday, September 23, 2009


If The Lost Symbol is so hot, why am I being spammed with so many emails offering the book at big discounts, including exclusive offers from my credit card company (yeah, exclusive as in "only for our two million cardholders")?

Indiaplaza even went so far as to send an email masquerading as a review of the book, with the reviewer practically wetting themselves in their praise. Wait, I think I was too harsh -- reading the review more closely, it looks like a really different plot this time: last time it was a French scholar who requests a meeting with Langdon and dies before the meeting could take place, leaving behind a tantalizing clue, while this time it's an American professor who pulls more or less the same shit. My bad.

Update:The Onion chips in:
Most chillingly, many agreed, is that while Michael Crichton's death has been a positive step, Dan Brown remains very much alive.