Tuesday, May 05, 2009

IPL 2.0

Random thoughts:
  1. Quite a few of the umpiring decisions have been abysmal. Is it because they couldn't get the good ones to travel to South Africa at short notice?

  2. Where did they get the cheerleaders from? Hookers 'R Us?

  3. The commentators, as usual, outdo each other with their cliches and insincere attempts at drumming up the excitement (see #5 and #6).

  4. You have great ads like the Vodafone zoozoos that cost next to nothing, and then you have Airtel's contrived romantic crap featuring jaded, overpaid stars.

  5. A team needing less than ten runs in the last over with four or more wickets in hand does *not* constitute a thrilling finish in T20 cricket, contrary to what Ravi Shastri or Harsha Bogle says.

  6. It's not a DLF Maximum, it's a fricken sixer, dumbasses.

  7. It's been more fun reading the Fake IPL Player's blog than watching most of the matches.

  8. Speaking of the KKR, I haven't experienced this much schadenfreude in a long while (evil grin).

  9. Trivia: The father and son in the ad where the mother berates the father for being irresponsible are father and son in real life too. I think.