Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's with Indians and queueing?

Let me qualify that; not Indians in general, but the 'educated', young IT professionals.

There is a coffee counter at the cafeteria at work with three sides from which the vendor can serve customers. Always, and I mean always, my beloved coworkers take up positions on these three sides, not caring about niceties like allowing the vendor to serve others who came before them.

I always make it a point to stand in a queue of sorts, taking care that I don't barge in front of somebody already there. People do cut in front of me, of course, but I limit myself to a dirty look at them and questioning their parentage in my mind. But yesterday I decided to confront one of the jerks, and asked him to join the queue behind me. He did give in to my request, but the look of horror and indignation on the faces of his companions almost made me feel as if I had insulted their mothers.

And to think these are the cream of the shining India, who are powering us into the 21st century.

Tomorrow we will turn our attention to another Ugly Indian, the Ugly Indian Motorist.