Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The helmet controversy

From a letter to The Hindu:
In a democratic society, the view of a majority of two-wheeler riders ought to be the basis for any rule. I am sure most of the two-wheeler riders are not for the compulsory helmet rule. By not wearing a helmet, one does not cause any harm to anyone else. Why should it be forced on the people?
Since I consider most two-wheeler riders to belong to a life form slightly lower than an amoeba, I'd be willing to agree to this sentiment -- I'm all for it if they want to commit harakiri on the streets of Chennai and voluntarily reduce their population, but for the fact that it is not strictly true that they don't harm anybody else by not wearing a helmet. If a helmet-less jerk gets into an accident, he causes more trouble to the other party if he croaks off in said accident than if he suffers only minor injuries.