Saturday, June 30, 2007

Goodbye, SUSE

After a long stint with SUSE (and KDE), it's time to bid adieu. openSUSE 10.2 is probably the most bloated and buggy SUSE version I have used till date (for what it's worth, 9.1 was the most solid and polished distro during its time). I am now running Feisty Fawn; I had downloaded 6.10 a while back, and wonder of wonders, it had an option to upgrade to 7.04.

Two things I'm missing in FF are a) its inability to use a higher resolution than 1024x768 (Update: Turns out there is a simple fix for it), and b) the Ubuntu equivalent of Kinternet (I've heard of something called Modem Lights, plan to look into it). But these are more than made up for by Ubuntu's blazing speed and GNOME's simplicity (I know, I have said dirty things about GNOME in the past, but you reach a point in life when you are tired of all the bells and whistles and want to return to Simplicity (tm). Anyway, there was always the nagging but unstated thought at the back of my mind about not staying true to The Unix Way and taking a liking to something like KDE).

Well, talk about irony. I learn the correct way to capitalise openSUSE after I ditch it for good.