Saturday, February 17, 2007


From a letter to The Hindu:
Helmets may bring down the number of fatal accidents but they will certainly increase the number of accidents, given the weather in south India, especially during summer. Most of those who advocate compulsory wearing of helmets travel in air-conditioned cars and hardly have any first hand experience of wearing a helmet and riding a two-wheeler.

In any case, what is the need to wear a helmet in cities where the roads are in such a pathetic condition that speeding is impossible?
(Cough. Splutter. Clears nose of morning coffee)
  1. Pray tell, what is the connection between summer weather and helmets and accidents? Poor visibility due to sweating?

  2. I rode a bike for eight years before changing to a car, and I wore a helmet for all of those eight years.

  3. Roads in pathetic conditions lead to the two-wheeler rider falling and hurting his ...
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