Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Amen to that

This post by 'yesferatu' in the RI discussion board is probably the most insightful post I've read in a forum:
I do believe that is where this is headed. 9/11 facts and converts will double, and then some. They seem to be aware continued warmongering on a grand scale is not a workable diversion, since the needed draft would open up problems they do not want to anticipate. The diversion of individual economic survival will be the taser they use to keep us in line. Of course, when the immediate concern of financial survival stretches from weeks, and then months, and then years, they will still have a revolt brewing. But they will juggle the crises so that pressure is allowed to vent before any idea of uprisings, with a ready-made fresh diversion to take the place. My guess is this is their long term plan, till that time when 9/11 is history from another time, just like JFK, or the Tet ofensive [sic] is history from another time. After just a couple decades, amerikans stop caring anyway. The PTB are quite apt at shuffling and juggling these things till, lo and behold, twenty-five years has come and gone....without any challenge from the mythical "We the People", even though for that twenty-five years the facts of an evil government ruling them, amasses its proofs day after day. And yet with no rebellion.
But yes, the next diversion is financial. After that, something else, even though by then not 1/3, but probably 2/3 will accept that 9/11 was an inside job. Yet each diversion will be just enough to prevent justice and the avenging anger required. But this will happen. In the near future we will pick up the paper with a story that tells us 2/3 of us believe it was an inside job. And yet somehow we will be little islands to ourselves, unable to coagulate the 2/3 into any kind of democratic retaliation and reform.
Sickening. But true.