Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's up with Blogger?

Blogger's posting interface is behaving weirdly all of a sudden. No Preview option, none of the usual buttons for hyperlinks, spellcheck, etc. [Update: The problem is with Firefox (see a pattern here?). Opera displays the page perfectly]

I downloaded Bleezer and BloGTK (I've tried the second one a long while ago), but couldn't get either of them to work. Bleezer gave a NullPointerException, while BloGTK complained that gtkhtml2 was missing (installed gtkhtml2; nope, same problem).

Next choice: the Deepest Sender Firefox extension (which is what I'm typing this post in, BTW). Had a bit of trouble, figuring out Blogger's posting URL, but things look OK. Only thing is, the Spell Checker seems to be disabled.

Posting seems to take forever; copy/paste entry into Kate, then onto Blogger. Sigh.