Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Voting irregularities

I cannot understand what the fuss is all about re: the irregularities in the American elections. Is it really impossible to get a "true count" of the number of votes? Here's a clue (assuming that one wants to go the manual route): do it slowly, with multiple eyeballs. If you still want to go for electronic voting, put your best brains to work, and come up with a foolproof system, and then pass a federal law that mandates that all states/counties should use this (I think the states can suspend their irrational fear that they'd be subjected to the tyranny of a 'foreign' authority and agree to a one-time waiver of whatever constitutional laws that prevent this).

I almost started gloating about how we run our electronic voting setup nearly flawlessly, but then remembered the absolute farce that was the local elections here in Chennai recently -- though it involved only paper ballots, and quickly put the thought aside.