Monday, November 13, 2006


Why do I blog?
  1. It's an opportunity for me to express myself, to be a 'writer'.

  2. It helps me to find out what I really think about something. Nothing brings out the holes/incompleteness in my thought processes better than writing them down.

  3. It has hopefully improved my writing skills [*], which is always a Good Thing (tm).

  4. I can always point to the technical parts of my blog as a way of showing that I have *some* clue about certain things to prospective bosses/employers.

  5. Who knows, this blog may actually become popular, and I might even be able to retire on my AdSense earnings. Just kidding.

  6. To pander to my ego a bit (OK, not 'a bit'; 'a lot').

  7. It's a recorded history of my life, at least for the last thirty months or so. I think it's safe to say that I have captured nearly all the significant things that have happened to me in this period (at least those things I feel are safe enough to record in a public place).

  8. But the most important reason of all: it's a therapeutic experience; maybe this is something any creative activity will lead to, but the very act of putting together a post is a big pick-me-upper (in fact, I started blogging in April 2004 just to get out of a real down-in-the-dumps situation).
[*] On the other hand, there is this weird thing: ever since I started blogging, I think I have become less articulate in speech. Leads me to think that I have a certain quota allotted to me vis-a-vis communicating my thoughts effectively, and I'm frittering it away on blogging.