Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cricket talent in India

Nirmal Shekar writes:
In an age of boosterism and saturation coverage of a sport that is almost a religion in this country, truth tellers are not easy to come by. And, it is for this reason that Dilip Vengsarkar, Chairman of the BCCI's National Selection Committee, must be applauded for his courage and unblinking honesty.

"To be honest, India doesn't have exceptional talent now," Vengsarkar told pressmen after chairing a meeting to select the Indian team for the ODI series in South Africa.
Here's a contrarian thought: Vengsarkar's statement could be construed as an indirect assurance to the current crop of overpaid bozos in the team that their places are safe, and they don't have anything to worry about hungry youngsters nipping at their heels.