Friday, December 16, 2005

My Air Deccan Experience

  1. The Travel Department send me an e-Ticket, which is nothing more than a web page print-out. The e-Ticket contains a lot of intimidating stuff like how I should check in two hours before the departure time, flights are subject to cancellation with no obligation on their part other than a refund and so on. Alarm-O-Meter reading: Slight Concern.

  2. I call Air Deccan at 1 PM to confirm my flight and am informed that the departure time is 9:15 PM, which is 15 minutes later than the scheduled time. Alarm-O-Meter reading: Heightened Concern.

  3. I receive an SMS message at 4 PM advising me that the flight has been rescheduled to 8:40 PM. Alarm-O-Meter reading: transitions to Faint Alarm.

  4. I reach the airport. The lady at the counter has just finished having a spat with her colleague and doesn't seem very eager to see me. In addition, she says that my rather small suitcase cannot be considered as cabin baggage as it weighs 12 kg and will have to be checked in. Alarm-O-Meter reading: Since I have managed to successfully obtain my boarding pass, drops to Mild Concern.

  5. As I wait to enter the security check-in, I receive another SMS stating that due to operational reasons, the flight has been cancelled, and can I please contact the given number? Alarm-O-Meter reading: May Day!

  6. I approach an airline personnel, who quickly asks me to ignore the SMS message and assures me that the flight is on schedule. Alarm-O-Meter reading: climbs down to Mere Panic.

  7. Just as I am about to board the plane, I am asked to hold on for a second. A young kid scurries out of the plane with the trash. Alarm-O-Meter reading: Shakes Head (Why do you even bother)?

  8. There is only one stewardess, a pretty, innocent-looking, sweet young thing. AOM reading: Enters positive territory for the first time

  9. The stewardess further endears herself to me, with her broken and lispy English. AOM reading: Nods Head Approvingly.

  10. The pilot is a very cheerful bloke and seems quite talkative, giving a pretty thorough update of how high we are flying, the weather conditions, etc. More importantly, he makes an immaculate landing, much better than most of the landings I have experienced with the bigger airlines. AOM reading: Give Air Deccan another chance. They do get the important stuff right.