Monday, May 09, 2005

Dish TV sucks big time

The morons have taken to relaying the F1 races with commentary in Tamil. In case you are wondering how that sounds, believe you me, you're better off not knowing. It's that bad.

They are also the most customer-unfriendly people around. I have sent them two emails complaining how non-transparent their billing process is and have suggested improvements, but have received no response. Not sure if somebody even read the emails.

The reason I am a hapless Dish TV customer is that they were the only option for me for catching last year's Euro 2004 matches live, as my friendly neighbourhood cable operator defaulted on his payment to ESPN just when the tournament was starting to get interesting.

Another drawback with Dish TV is that you don't get channels like Star World and Star Movies (mercifully, HBO found its way in somehow), but I don't mind this so much, what with their Zee-equivalents being equally good.