Tuesday, May 10, 2005

As promised

...here are the nominations for the BS Hall of Fame:
  • ...to achieve the vision of an agile enterprise with a flexible IT infrastructure that enables a business to respond to changes in the best possible way. As the business dynamics change and new opportunities emerge in the market, the IT infrastructure of an enterprise should be designed to be able to respond quickly and provide the applications needed to address the new business needs before the business opportunity disappears.

  • ...to provide an environment where better business applications can be developed with less effort - business applications which should closely align to the business processes, which should not be too complex, and which can be adapted to the changing nature of business processes without too much effort.

  • Developing enterprise-scale applications today requires an approach to software architecture that helps architects evolve their solutions in flexible ways. This approach should permit reuse of existing efforts in the context of new capabilities that implement business functionality in a timely fashion, even as the target infrastructure itself is evolving.

  • Modern business systems need to cater to rapidly evolving business requirements in an ever-shrinking window of opportunity. Modern business systems also need to keep pace with rapid advances in technology.

  • ...the growing need of enterprises to consolidate, reuse, adapt and integrate their typically large collection of software assets in an agile manner...to evolve abstractions and develop architectures and methodologies that significantly improve the way software systems are built and maintained today.
All of these are from real-world articles; I'm not providing cites for obvious reasons.