Monday, April 11, 2005

Ubuntu update

Some more feedback on Ubuntu:
  1. It is definitely faster than Suse 9.1 (at least on my machine). The perceptible seizing that I had talked about earlier is also absent, proving that the problem is not related to hardware, but lies squarely with Suse (it could be an issue with either the kernel that Suse is using or with a wrong DMA setting).

  2. Ubuntu does not ship with KDE. But Gnome 2.10's performance almost makes one not miss it.

  3. Package management is on a par with YaST.

  4. I couldn't configure Ubuntu to see and share my Windows printer (the other Windows shares proved easy enough to connect to, though). It simply could not remember the printer name at all; I would type in the correct share name and click on 'Close', only to find that the name I typed had reverted to its previous value.