Monday, March 28, 2005

Movie Review: Shall We Dance

Movie Direction 101: a movie should have a high point towards which the storyline builds, preferably with suspense. This high point is called a climax and should occur at the end of the movie. Any tension built up as we are led to the climax should be resolved then, ideally in a positive manner so that the moviegoers are left with a sense of wellbeing. Unfortunately, this basic principle is not followed in Shall We Dance; the climax occurs some 15-20 minutes before curtains, and doesn't have a happy ending, either. I'll just leave it at that, except for these comments:

  1. What's up with the 'intimate' moment between Susan Sarandon and the private detective, when you are led to believe that they are going to kiss and start an affair? Other than cheap titillation, that is.

  2. The second half (especially post-climax) is like a freaking documentary.

  3. The scenes of camaraderie at the dancing school are the only watchable scenes in the whole movie.